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Join the Artyshox for the Weeklyshox challenge! ­čľî´ŞĆ
After joining the┬á#inktober┬áchallenge in Oktober, we were inspired to create our own prompt list for every week of next year. Every Saturday we will be posting the artwork of the previous week. You are all invited to join in and post your weekly drawings (paintings, photos or which ever media you would like to use) under the hashtag┬á#weeklyshox. Let’s have a wonderful year of doing art together and inspiring each other!


Inktober was first introduced in 2009 as a challenge for artists to improve their drawing skills while supporting their habit of everyday drawing as an excercise during the month October. Since 2009 many artists around the world practice Inktober Challenge and share their art pieces with others.

There are 31 prompts published by organizers, and artists are free to interpret each prompt in their own way to create sketches, paintings, drawings or ink exercises.

We wanted to support each others creative development in a fun way through Inktober and joined Inktober 2022. Three of us took the daily challenge while 2 of us preferred to take it on an easier way.

Here you can see the prompt list for Inktober 2022 and check out our art pieces on each prompt!

Exquisite Corpses

Our first group exhibition as Artyshox took place in Berlin on July 2022. As this exhibition celebrated our ÔÇ×UnityÔÇť under the name Artyshox, we organized a collaborative art project within our collective to create 6 pieces of artwork by bringing each of our styles and imagination together.

Cadavre exquis (exquisite corpse) is a collaborative drawing project which was first created by a number of surrealist artists, where painters take turns on drawing/painting on a piece of paper, and then passing it to the next one until the artwork is complete.

In our version of the project, each of us started a series of exquisite corpses, which would be in total 6 collaborative artworks, each made of 6 individual pieces. Everyone started with a piece drawing and posted it to the next one in line. We went by alphabetical order until the artwork was complete within the circle.

Here you can see all 6 series made by Athalia, Claudia, Ezgi, Joanna, Michelle, and Olga.