Diverse layers coming together to grow

We merged our layers to create something bigger. We have zero interest in hanging on the exterior. We like to dive deeper and reach out the center. We will hold onto each other, unified around our core vision and principle:
‘…To inspire a world where every single human will have the chance to open up their hearts and spread their color. Because art should be accessible, inclusive and for everyone. Art should strike like a thunderbolt, galvanize your senses, and make you feel alive.’


Upcoming Events

Weeklyshox 2023

Join the Artyshox for the Weeklyshox challenge! 🖌️
After joining the #inktober challenge in Oktober, we were inspired to create our own prompt list for every week of next year. Every Saturday we will be posting the artwork of the previous week. You are all invited to join in and post your weekly drawings (paintings, photos or which ever media you would like to use) under the hashtag #weeklyshox. Let’s have a wonderful year of doing art together and inspiring each other!

Past Events

Retramp Gallery

In this exhibition, where we celebrate our unity as a newly formed artist collec­tive, we are looking for interpreta­tions of the concept of ‘unity’, through connection and fragmentation of elements, forms, stories, figures, colors and voices. We invite you to join our mysterious expedition, where we dive into the archaic themes, nature’s creative forces and our collective mind as humans.

Layers of them
Retramp Gallery

The exhibited artworks used layers, colors, faces and figures to tell stories about being expressive, being femme and being bold. Everything deserves a deeper look to perceive the unique layers underneath. Because what we reveal and what we conceal depends on the eye of the beholder, too.


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