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Artyshox is a femme art collective based in Berlin. Since it's inception in 2022, the group among other projects had major group exhibitions, curated and published an Art Magazine and currently stages participatory art events in their studio. The artists focus on multidisciplinarity and merge various artistic disciplines, such as painting, sculpting, video art and drawing. By beeing femme the group explore inclusiveness, equality, antidiscrimination as a lead topic within their work.


Upcoming Events

Art Party@ImprovWorks
ImprovWorks Berlin

Come and celebrate our first big event in 2024 with us! Join us for the Vernissage & Art Party at the venue of ImprovWorks, where we’ll be showcasing both old and new artworks. The party will take place on April 26th starting at 7 PM. 

Look forward to live performances by Bengi, Vlady, and Lisa Plamper. There will also be a bar where you can treat yourself to drinks, as well as an opportunity to purchase prints of our artworks and our Zine SHOXX!.

Around midnight, we’ll move for the afterparty to Atelier Äuglein and continue celebrating there for as long as we desire.

You will find us here:

Artparty 7pm-Midnight: ImprovWorks Rudolfstr. 14, 10245 Berlin (3rd floor)
Aftershow Party: Atelier Äuglein, Oppelner Str. 12, 10997 Berlin

Past Events

Me & Us – Ich & Wir
06./7. ,13./14., 20./21. and 27./28.05.2023
Azimut Galerie 

The human experience is a complex interplay between the self (Ich) and the collective (Wir). In this exhibition, we delve into the intricate connections and dependencies between these two fundamental aspects of our existence.

The exhibition prompts us to contemplate the balance between our individual needs and desires, and our obligations to others. How do our actions as individuals affect the collective, and how does the collective, in turn, shape our individual identities? These questions challenge us to consider our place in the world, and the intricate web of relationships that make us who we are.

Through a variety of media, from painting to sculpture to photography, we invite you to consider these questions and to explore the dynamic relationship between the self and the collectiveness.

Retramp Gallery

In this exhibition, where we celebrate our unity as a newly formed artist collec­tive, we are looking for interpreta­tions of the concept of ‘unity’, through connection and fragmentation of elements, forms, stories, figures, colors and voices. We invite you to join our mysterious expedition, where we dive into the archaic themes, nature’s creative forces and our collective mind as humans.

Layers of them
Retramp Gallery

The exhibited artworks used layers, colors, faces and figures to tell stories about being expressive, being femme and being bold. Everything deserves a deeper look to perceive the unique layers underneath. Because what we reveal and what we conceal depends on the eye of the beholder, too.


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