ARTYSHOXportrait - Alexandr Luc

Alexandr Luc

Through his art, Alexandr Luc – born in Transilvania, România in 1994 – showcases the creative and subversive stance that he takes in relation to the study of social constructions and the production and perception of visual art.

Having mainly studied linguistics and sociology – gender, religion, migration, political myths -, the artist aims to combine research tools available to social sciences with conceptual approaches to art. By doing so, a new angle of conceptual art is envisioned, and the artist thus challenges the fine line between art, science, creation, and deconstruction. Specifically, his conceptual approach analyses social constructions whose meaning derives from their relationship with the artworks made by the artist.


So far, the media used for his projects and exhibitions have been acrylics on cardboard, pencils on watercolour paper, digital photography, digital art & design, and text production / poetry. By deploying various artistic means and sociological concepts, the artist’s work ultimately centres around recontextualising diverse ways of understanding social reality and its impact on individuals.