Michelle Lova

Michelle Lova



“Sometimes the whole world lies in one small moment” – that is what Michelle Lova tries to capture with her paintings.
Michelle Lova is a contemporary artist based in Berlin. She approached painting at a very young age and one of her earliest works are portrait scetches as well as elements of fashion design. In her mid-twenties she started to work increasingly professional and nowadays she produces a wide range of artwork in her studio.

Her abstract techniques abandon the result slowly and gradually, such as painting with partly closed eyes or creating a monotype or gelantine print. Michelle likes to surprise herself with what she paints and she has developed her own line – the Manifolds (Vielfiguren). These paintings are following the idea of painting many bodies in a complex interaction – it takes a while until the painting devotes itself to the viewer. In parallel she dedicates herself to other styles and art projects. Currently she is focussing on figurative paintings that touch socio-economic issues of our time. She wants to draw the spectator’s attention to a specific topic.

“For all of my artwork I find great
inspiration in the deep observation of nature and humans, as well as in
socio-economic issues”, the artist highlights. Working with loose brush style helps her achieve paintings that are vivid and expressive.