Joanna 1

Joanna Krzemińska

Joanna’s artistic practice embraces and combines theatre, vocals, photography and visual art.

During her studies in Dramatic Arts and Social and Cultural Anthropology she has developed a particular interest in the variety of theatre traditions, and pursued since then her theatre work by delving into different movement techniques and practices, such as Orishas dances, Kalarippayattu, the Grotowski or Stanislavski methods.

Her practical research in the manifold expressive potentials of the body has also opened her path for her vocal practice and exploration of vocal techniques being rooted in physical theatre and different Eastern and Western chanting traditions.

Joanna has been always curious about how the different facets of our interior landscapes resonate through movement and sound. Our body and voice have tales to tell. Tales about our fragility and strength, our emotions and thoughts, and our multiple identities and belongings.


Her visual practice is deepening her exploration in the unconscious and contradictory aspects of human nature, and relates particularly to topics as emancipation and identity, multiculturalism, traditions, inner disruption, war and faces. 


So far, she mainly focused on graphite portraits and abstract acrylic paintings. 

Over time, she began also to experiment with those media by intermingling them with further materials, and merging them with photographic, performative and audio elements. 


Another passion arose out of Joanna’s’ (research) travels – which is street and landscape photography. Here, she is particularly interested in the dialectic of the ‘photographic moment’, consisting of stillness and restlessness, contrast and unification, fragmentations and synchronizations.